How Can Telemarketing Help Any Kind Of Business?

Lead Generation

Telemarketing is also known as lead generation through cold calling – the activity of calling companies with the intent of introducing a company’s products or services over the telephone.  With the correct approach and a well-prepared campaign strategy, it’s possible to generate leads and build up a database of purchasers that are ready to buy and a pipeline of new business prospects.

So how can Telemarketing work for your company?  Here we will explore how to put together a profitable and effective lead generation campaign and all the elements necessary to successfully generate profitable leads.


If you are calling small businesses, one of the first questions is what we call and where do the telephone numbers come from.  The most likely place is a date broker who compiles data from companies’ house.  It’s possible to choose companies by size, turnover, profit margin, type of company – also called an SIC code.  You can choose where in the country you want to target and how long a company has been running. This is also known as a ‘Target Market’.

Depending on how many people you have calling the data, would indicate how many records to buy – records usually have a licence which will expire in 12 months, so its best not to buy too many records.  To work the data properly will mean more calls as we do callbacks.  If the companies are large, it can take longer to finish the records, as finding the correct people can be time consuming.  Smaller companies can be quicker to get through as speaking to the right person can be easier.

Buying data for lead generation from a reputable data broker is one of the best ways to begin a lead generation, cold calling campaign.

CRM systems or data management systems are important to be effective in managing the data once called.  Each record is given calling status or an outcome when lead generating.  If a prospect is not interested, its status is not interested – then finished.  If a prospect is not interested right now but will be in two months when let’s say his insurance renews, then we can name this renewal dates captured – call back January.  There are hundreds of ways to plan a strategy for telemarketing but careful planning the start, will help it to run smoothly and generate leads.  More importantly, the warm data that is generated will come back at the right time as a lead, automatically if the database has been programmed the correct way.

These days there are very effective and cost-efficient databases for lead generation that are easy to use, don’t need IT people to set up and carry out the perfect telemarketing and lead generation process.  This process of using the correct data, CRM database system, and dispositioning of the data, is the first step to a very successful cold calling or lead generation campaign.

Scripts are a myth, how we engage your potential customers for Lead generation.

With every cold calling or lead generation campaign, its commonly thought that a ‘script; is necessary to get started with.  A set of words to say the exact same thing to a different set of people no matter how the conversation goes.  This is what used to give cold calling a bad press, hence telemarketing and lead generation don’t always spring to mind as a tasteful way of generating business. 

Carried out in the right way with a professional sounding business development person or a telemarketer – it isn’t even apparent most of the time that someone has received a ‘cold call’ at all.

The Call Guide or the Call Approach

Rather than a script, I call the way we deliver the message on the phone calls – the Call Guide.

Call Gudes need careful assembly, an opening, a middle and an end.  There should be scope to make it conversational, within sales boundaries and often the telemarketer needs some coaching in how to use the call guide.  This coaching is mainly to teach ‘Soft Skills’.

Some lead generating companies can be advocates of a more aggressive approach and adopt a ‘tell’ style whereby a prospect is told rather than persuaded that they need the service or product.  It’s an old-fashioned approach that gives telephone cold calling a poor reputation.

At Pure, we believe in soft skills to open a conversation properly.  For example, we have some rules that work incredibly well and are the result of many years of experience.

We don’t speak to anyone who is not responsible for the product or services you are lead generating for it’s a waste of time.  We understand that there are influencers in the sales process, but its our job to identify these people and have the correct approach to gain the best from the way the sales process works in the companies we approach.

We don’t send emails out willy nilly and hope someone will come back to you.

Be polite to the people who answer the phone, as they will decide if you will be able to speak to the correct person or not.

We never come over as evasive, if someone says – does he / she know you or is this sales call? – we tell the truth and say yes, it’s a sales call or no she doesn’t know me. 

Ask if the person has a mobile number.

Don’t leave your telephone number if you can avoid it, they probably won’t call you back and then it looks desperate if you keep calling them.

If you have a bad experience on the telephone with a gatekeeper, don’t retaliate- just be polite and say that you are sorry to have bothered them.

We never carry the bad feeling onto the next call, we clear our mind and smile as we dial.

We never make notes on the record that give an opinion – we are totally factual.

What It takes to be a great Lead Generation and appointment setting company –

Soft skills for lead generation and telesales

Soft skills are essential to develop when calling B2B companies and speaking with the decision maker. At Pure we are instinctive and use soft skills to gain great quality leads and appointments.


Rapport is the skill of making the person on the other side of the call feel ‘similar’ to you – like they know you already.  This can come from the first opening of the call. 

Matching is a great way to get into rapport.  Match the greeting, the speed, language, phrases, of the other person.  Show empathy – If you sense you’ve caught them at a bad time, ask them when they have a good time to call back. If they are busy and the conversation feels rushed, either keep it short, or ask if they would rather you called back. 

Listening skills

You would think that a lead generator or telephone salesperson would do all the talking, but this is when the prospective client can switch off, and just say not interested.  If you ask a question, you should wait for the answer or if you explain something give the person an opportunity to jump in.  If they don’t jump in its good to ask something like ‘does that make sense’?  Good listening skills also mean that you pick up on subtle signals, I call them verbal nods.  If someone says – ‘that sounds interesting’ you know you can carry on along those lines.  If someone says – ‘I don’t know about that’ then you know you must ask more questions to unearth more information.

Why its best to outsource lead generation and appointment setting.

Consistency is crucial when you are lead generating and with outsourced B2B sales the benefits are that you will have a regular flow of leads and appointments forming a solid pipeline.

Achieving this with an in-house team can be more difficult due to the demands of their roles and if they are juggling multiple roles.  Outsourcing to experts means we can scale up to fulfil more demand, as well identify what working well and focus on ways to make the lead generation process slicker, and more effective.  When demand reduces you can reduce the workload with an outsource company, in a way its impossible with an employed in house team.